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Sponsor the JJ&C 2023 Season

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Sponsor the JJ&C 2023 Season

Juneau Jazz & Classics is a nationally recognized, award-winning festival currently entering its 37th season. Each May our music festival brings world-class jazz, blues, and classical artists to Juneau to perform, inspire, enrich, and teach our residents. Our festival and education events reach more than 8,000 residents and visitors throughout our community. With our exciting new changes, including adding a fall festival and working with surrounding communities like Tenakee and Hoonah, we plan to reach more people than ever.
Sponsor JJ&C for the upcoming season and you will be part of the new vision to expand our outreach beyond the single festival format. Any level you choose will be applied to both festivals this year.
Juneau Jazz & Classics offers significant recognition to our business sponsors with event sponsorships, ticket mailers, e-newsletters, radio spots, posters, social media exposure, programs with ads at every concert, as well as links on our website.
We would love to discuss this with you in person. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Executive Director, Sandy Fortier, if you have new ideas or unique contributions to discuss. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you!


Sandy Fortier, Executive Director